Red to Black Bridal Inspiration – Hawaii Wedding Photographer

We’re nearing the end of the winter season and I had the idea to do a more moody bridal session starting with a gorgeous maroon dress to a darker black unique bridal look by the ocean. I wanted to play with the line between romantic and gothic, which I think can go beautifully together.

My jaw dropped when I saw the absolutely stunning bouquet by Blossom Bay Botanicals, with deep reds and luscious greenery to bring together the whole look. We happened to be joined by Ashleigh’s new puppy “Percy” and couldn’t resist adding him in for some photos with his mom!

I am moving to Hawaii this summer and can’t wait to see what kind of wedding work I’ll have on those amazing beaches.

Makeup- Allison Barlow

Florals- Blossom Bay Botanicals

Black Tutu- Baby2B Nashville

Veil Headpiece – Marie and Antoinette


2017-02-26_0001 2017-02-26_0005 2017-02-26_0003 2017-02-26_0007 2017-02-26_0006

2017-02-26_0002 2017-02-26_0008 2017-02-26_0004 2017-02-26_0009 2017-02-26_0010 2017-02-26_0011 2017-02-26_0012 2017-02-26_0013 2017-02-26_0014

“Red roses for when love is good, and black roses for when love is bad.”

2017-02-26_0015 2017-02-26_0016 2017-02-26_0018 2017-02-26_0017 2017-02-26_0019 2017-02-26_0020 2017-02-26_0021 2017-02-26_0022 2017-02-26_0030 2017-02-26_0024 2017-02-26_0023 2017-02-26_0026 2017-02-26_0027 2017-02-26_0032 2017-02-26_0028 2017-02-26_0029 2017-02-26_0025 2017-02-26_0031 2017-02-26_0033

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