Rising Tide Leaders in Charleston, South Carolina

When I first heard about The Rising Tide Society, I was intrigued with the idea of what their motto “community over competition” meant as a creative business owner.  Some people believe that you should block yourself off from others in your field, and because of this they are missing a huge element of what being a successful business is.  The best businesses serve others.  Read about one of the founder’s explanations about this in depth here- “Why I believe in Community over Competition”

90 leaders from across the country (and Canada!) met up in Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend.  Most of us didn’t know each other, and not only explored one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever seen in America, but showed each other that you can bring out the best in people by supporting and helping each other grow instead of tearing each other down.

This group includes all creative business owners, including photographers, florists, jewelry designers, event planners, and more.

Check out what The Rising Tide Society is all about, and if you have one in your city right now!
Charleston-2Charleston_iphone-11Charleston-7Charleston-14Charleston-8Charleston-1Charleston-23Charleston-29Charleston-32aaCharleston_iphone-7Charleston-5Charleston-36Charleston-37Charleston-39Charleston-48Charleston-56Charleston-58Charleston-53Charleston_iphone-5scavenger hunt where we had to take a photo with someone walking a dog


RTSleaders056The Rising Tide leaders at the Charleston meetup listening to one of the many inspirational speakers.

Charleston_iphone-15Church, new restaurant in Charleston!

Charleston_iphone-3The 1920s Speakeasy partyCharleston_iphone-2Charleston-121Charleston-125Charleston-122Charleston-129Charleston-130

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