Rob & Elizabeth Engagement in Downtown Franklin

Downtown Franklin is such a great place to visit and walk around in Nashville, and I knew it’d be a perfect spot when Elizabeth told me she wanted something a little homey feeling for her images.  When she told me what kind of dress she was thinking of wearing, I was ecstatic to do a classy timeless look with the two of them.  I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day at my personal favorite wedding venue at Creekside Plantation next September!
Elizabeth_Rob-10 Elizabeth_Rob-4 Elizabeth_Rob-1 Elizabeth_Rob-5 Elizabeth_Rob-6 Elizabeth_Rob-8 Elizabeth_Rob-24
Elizabeth_Rob-15 Elizabeth_Rob-18 Elizabeth_Rob-20 Elizabeth_Rob-34 Elizabeth_Rob-37 Elizabeth_Rob-29 Elizabeth_Rob-42 Elizabeth_Rob-47 Elizabeth_Rob-51 Elizabeth_Rob-54 Elizabeth_Rob-56 Elizabeth_Rob-60 Elizabeth_Rob-58 Elizabeth_Rob-63 Elizabeth_Rob-71 Elizabeth_Rob-69

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