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It’s been such a fun ride for weddings in 2016, and I thought I’d share a few behind the lens images from what I see on wedding days.

I’m photographing with my fantastic Holdfast Camera Strap, I use two cameras so I can use two lenses anytime quickly on wedding days.

These are just a few shots of me getting my photo on!

For more click for the “Best of 2016” — Rae Marshall Photography


Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0017

Indie Pearl2016-12-08_0021

Those veil shots are more silly in person

J Mikado2016-12-08_0022

Saul Cervantes2016-12-08_0023

Saul Cervantes2016-12-08_0024

Tahiry Humrich2016-12-08_00252016-12-08_0026

Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0027

Seth Farmer

Same venue and different wedding days.  Shout out to The Cordelle!

Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0029

Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0030

Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0020

Gotta get those detail shots

J Mikado2016-12-08_0031

Seth Farmer2016-12-08_0019

Seth Farmer


Happy New Year, see you all in 2017!2016-12-08_0033

Indie Pearl

For more click for the “Best of 2016” — Rae Marshall Photography

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