Suprise Proposal for Jeremy & April

I can’t tell you how much of a privilege it was to watch one of my best friends get engaged and capture the moment for her!  Jeremy’s birthday is on February 10th, and he decided that would be the perfect time to pull off a surprise that April would never suspect.  He chose the park near their home where the two walk together because he wanted it to be a special place that is meaningful to both of them.

After Jeremy nervously stalled for half of the day, my sister Marissa and I hid behind the trees and held our breath as they finally headed toward us to walk their dog, Pepper.  We put a champagne bottle on the pathway and as April was pondering why the heck it was there, the two of us walked out and Marissa took Pepper so Jeremy could get down on one knee.  It was such a sweet moment!   Just the two of them, two bystanders and a dog desperately trying to knock us over to hang out more with her parents.

We headed back to their home and took a few more images in April’s prayer room, then told her to get ready for the party that night!  April’s mom had decked out our party home in adorable decorations she’d been preparing for weeks.  We couldn’t be more happy for April and Jeremy and can’t wait for the rest of the festivities to come!