Taylor B – Styled Portraits

These images to me are monochrome, but haven’t had color sapped from them, which I think can be a difficult task to achieve.  I love creating images with a natural, organic feel, like the subject was already living and doing these poses and someone happened to be there to capture it.

Images of Taylor Battiste in Pensacola/Perdido Key Florida
TaylorB-26 TaylorB-20 TaylorB-24 TaylorB-22 TaylorB-19 TaylorB-28 TaylorB-69 TaylorB-30 TaylorB-70 TaylorB-34 TaylorB-42 TaylorB-45 TaylorB-49 TaylorB-43 TaylorB-41 TaylorB-56 TaylorB-58 TaylorB-52 TaylorB-72

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