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Oh man I’m beginning this blog post already giddy that I get to look up wedding dresses for research!  Choosing your gown is one of the most fun parts of getting married because you’re allowed to look forever and spend way too much money on the perfect one.  The right dress can add a lot to your wedding day by enhancing the style that you are going for and telling the story of who you are.

I have styled many photoshoots over the past 10 years of photographing and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge what most flatters all kinds of people.  Choosing your dress is all about you, but there are a couple of variables to keep in mind.

Choosing My Own Wedding Dress

So first things first, I already got married and I loved my own wedding dress!  I chose my dress based on multiple factors, which I will list now.

Rae Marshall Wedding Day Dress

       1. My body type

I have a thin frame and I’m also very short, so I wanted a dress that wouldn’t swallow me up and still look elaborate.  I decided I wanted a dress with a strong cinch in the middle to accentuate where my middle is and for the bottom to have some volume, but not enough to overwhelm me.  The details on a dress still come across flattering as this cinch was a good way to add that fuller train and not feel too bulky.

     2. My personality

When I was a little girl I told my parents that I was going to get married in a rainbow dress, because I’ve always liked the idea of being a little different from the crowd.  15 years later I decided that probably wasn’t necessary, but I did love the idea of doing a blush dress to give myself that color pop I’ve always loved.

Rae Marshall Wedding Day

      3. What my husband was wearing

Don’t forget your partner and making sure you two look great together on the big day!  I married a Marine, so his outfit was a deep navy top and white pants with red accents.  This is a very harsh color scheme so I wanted to offset that with what I wore.  The blush dress worked well to really soften those colors and add a much more fitting color palette that worked with the rest of the day.

      4. My wedding day style

I decided to go with a more vintage look, getting married in front of an older white home outdoors in gorgeous greenery.  The delicate lace sleeves give the dress some great detail and turn it a little less modern and more vintage.  I thought the lace on my dress added a more classic feel that I thought worked so well with a military outfit.


My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Dresses

I wish my husband would agree to having a new celebration every 5 years because I could have easily designed many more wedding days and worn any one of these wedding dresses!  These picks will give you a look into the wedding styles I am drawn toward as well!

      1. The Lillian Gown – Free People

Favorite Wedding Dress - Lillian Gown

This wedding dress is so beautiful I can barely stand it.  I would love to do a wedding day in a more free spirited boho style, and absolutely love photographing this kind of look for other people.  The long sleeves are so gorgeous and add more chance for the lace to shine, but because the top is sheer it keeps her from looking like she’s too covered.  The ribbon in the back is such a romantic touch.

Lillian Gown- link here

      2. The Ramona Gown – BHLDN

Favorite Wedding Dress - Ramona Gown

All tulle and I’m in heaven with this timeless gown.  This look is a popular style for high end fine art photography and it should be easy to see why.  This tulle is so delicate and ethereal, a perfect style for a fairytale wedding day.  I also like that it’s not bright white as well with a more neutral tone that reminds me of more vintage pieces.  It’s admittedly a trend for me to be drawn toward gowns that aren’t bright white.

Ramona Gown- link here

      3. Andraea by Maggie Sottero

Favorite Wedding Dress - Andraea by Maggie Sottero

I did want to pick a more traditional wedding dress style, so I went with this lovely Maggie Sottero gown.  Spaghetti straps on a gown are such a fun way to show off a more petite form and the open back is an elegant and flattering touch.  The fairly long train with some tulle added is still present like some of my other choices but in a more classic form.  I think ornate details can really make a dress look high fashion, so the beads on this are quite nice.

Andraea Dress- link here

      4. Primavery Souffle or Mousse Du Fleur by Chotronette

Favorite Wedding Dress -Chatronette

So I know this style is not for everyone (or most people) but I’m honestly devastated that I didn’t know about this shop before I got married!  I truly may have been married in one of the dresses by Chotronette.  As an artist I absolutely love the bridal feel while giving colorful details in these vibrant flower additions.  If I ever have a big anniversary session or some other big photoshoot I may be wearing one of these in the future, so forget I showed you this.

Chotronette- link here

      5. Athena Dress by Lace and Liberty

Favorite Wedding Dress - Athena Dress

I do tend to find myself drawn toward more elaborate dresses, but when I saw this one I was blown away with how much I liked its more simple charm.  I think the front sleeves are really delicate and flattering where they hit almost off the shoulder.  This well placed slit shows a peak of leg and elongates the body while adding an appropriate amount of sexy.  The back has some added detail as well to give it more personality and I think this is an amazing choice for someone who liked a more minimalist look.

Athena Dress – link here


Look out for my Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Looks coming soon!


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