Tyler Oakley Portraits || Rae Marshall Photography

I’m not going to lie, this portrait session was one of my favorites of my entire life!  I’ve been a fan of Tyler Oakley and his youtube channel for years, and so I really had to work to stuff my fan girl in a cabinet and be professional when meeting Tyler in LA for the first time.

If you don’t know who he is, Tyler is a hugely popular Youtube personality, with a book and documentary out at age 26, and currently has his own show with Ellen Degeneres.  I have been so honored to meet and work with this incredible human, and it has been one of my favorite career moments thus far!

I love his quirky style and we wanted to show that off in the portraits.  I chose colorful locations in LA and he brought his now iconic foodie sweatshirt.  Check out some highlights from our two photo sessions in Los Angeles below:


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