The Wood Nymph

“You’ve got to know that there’s more to this world
Than what you have seen.
Because we all have a limited view
Of what we can be”
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Every so often I get an idea.  Even less often I actually am able and willing to make it happen.  For this spark of inspiration I imagined a fairy creature in the woods, but very simplistic, not dependent on a lot of costume.  I wanted to create a character that was very natural but that created a feeling of something magical.

Every photoshoot comes with a series of decisions:  location, attire, posing, model… every choice affects the visual outcome.  Mary is of course already half elf in her daily life, so model was done.  I struggled with deciding on an outfit because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and didn’t want it to be too silly looking.  I finally chose a simple nude leotard with a long bit of gorgeous fabric.  I also didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a headpiece (this is a recurring problem), so I made a simple headpiece the day of with a combination of some gold flowers and real greenery I hand picked from the side of the road.  I thought the use of real plants went along with the natural look I wanted.  Then I burnt my hands to pieces while I did a terrible job at crafts.

The smoke effect is 1 minute and 30 seconds of a real smoke bomb I ordered online to try out.  I think the results are just lovely and would like to use them more often…

This is one of my passions as an artist, to create a sort of character in a place in time.  Please enjoy.

Model- Mary Tempesta

MUA- Sam Shields

2016-08-20_00012016-08-20_00022016-08-20_00032016-08-20_00042016-08-20_00052016-08-20_00092016-08-20_0007aaMary Fairy-15

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