Zach & Marissa – Proposal in Nashville

Well I have to say this is one of my favorite proposals ever, because it is the story of my little sister and her new fiance Zach!  I got to have a part in planning it and we came up with a story to get Marissa ready for her “part in our close friend April Kry’s music video”.   Zach frantically left to to pick me up late, forgot the rose petals and had to turn around, and we arrived barely ahead of time to make sure everything was set, because it’s gotta be last minute and perfect!

Marissa pulled up after following April in to see Zach standing in a suit with candles and rose petals scattered with a breathtaking Nashville skyline view.  It was such a genuine and wonderful moment, and I’m thrilled for both of them in this new step in their journey together.

We headed back to Zach’s parent’s house to be met with all of our close friends and family and celebrated for the rest of the night.  Both Marissa and Zach are so loved and supported, and we were so touched by everyone who made it out.  We can’t wait to plan (and I will not be photographing 😛 ) this wedding for Zach and Marissa coming soon!

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