Allen & Alysse Wedding at Mint Springs Farm

I woke up on the day of Allen & Alysse’s wedding, looked out the window and everything was covered in snow!  It was 70 degrees the week before and on March 14th the ground was snow white.  By the time I arrived at Mint Springs Farm a few hours later the ground was green again but it was still pretty chilly!  Luckily this venue is incredible in all weather conditions and the days was absolutely gorgeous.  We even had snow flurries during some of the photos at the perfect time.

Everyone warmed up at the reception with amazing entertainment all night long, from strings, to a live band (Emerald Empire – amazing) to Snyder Entertainment keeping everyone on their feet.  Check out the highlights from their day!

Miller_Wedding-11 Miller_Wedding-2 Miller_Wedding-19 Miller_Wedding-34 Miller_Wedding-51 Miller_Wedding-70 Miller_Wedding-78 Miller_Wedding-91 Miller_Wedding-38 Miller_Wedding-22 Miller_Wedding-118 MillerN-5 MillerN-7 MillerN-14 Miller_Wedding-106 Miller_Wedding-104 Miller_Wedding-112 Miller_Wedding-181 Miller_Wedding-124 Miller_Wedding-126.2 Miller_Wedding-130 Miller_Wedding-148 Miller_Wedding-140 Miller_Wedding-144 Miller_Wedding-162 Miller_Wedding-164 Miller_Wedding-214 Miller_Wedding-217 Miller_Wedding-40 Miller_Wedding-219.1 Miller_Wedding-228 MillerN-20 MillerN-22 Miller_Wedding-199 Miller_Wedding-210 Miller_Wedding-242 MillerN-65 Miller_Wedding-237 Miller_Wedding-265 Miller_Wedding-259 Miller_Wedding-258 Miller_Wedding-261 Miller_Wedding-269 MillerN-67 Miller_Wedding-324 Miller_Wedding-273 Miller_Wedding-278 Miller_Wedding-374 Miller_Wedding-395 MillerN-73 MillerN-75 Miller_Wedding-399 Miller_Wedding-401 Miller_Wedding-405 Miller_Wedding-417 Miller_Wedding-427 Miller_Wedding-431 Miller_Wedding-434 Miller_Wedding-458 Miller_Wedding-328 Miller_Wedding-332 Miller_Wedding-347 Miller_Wedding-351 Miller_Wedding-371 Miller_Wedding-359 Miller_Wedding-504 Miller_Wedding-511 Miller_Wedding-512.1 Miller_Wedding-518 Miller_Wedding-534 Miller_Wedding-541 Miller_Wedding-548 Miller_Wedding-555 Miller_Wedding-559 Miller_Wedding-569 Miller_Wedding-574 Miller_Wedding-590 Miller_Wedding-598 Miller_Wedding-621 Miller_Wedding-623 Miller_Wedding-626 Miller_Wedding-616 Miller_Wedding-699

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