Ocean Song- Fine Art Session

Now is an important time for me while I’m in a new place to create new pieces and fall back in love with photography.  I found this black violin a few months ago, and built the rest of the idea off of what I could do with it.  I found the music sheet in an antique store and couldn’t believe my luck.  It reads “Waves Brightly Glancing”.  The last piece was the dress, which I knew I wanted to be a very timeless but had to be somewhat detailed in texture.

I think making “simple” meaningful can be difficult, and I love that it is a fairly understated scene.  Creating an emotion is much more exciting to me then pulling off stunts.  Solitude, relationships with music or another person, and a strength in feminine beauty will always be powerful elements in my work because they speak the loudest to me.

Model- Katie Ledbetter

Makeup- Sam Shields

Location- Pensacola Beach


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