Pensacola Maternity Session with baby goats

I can’t really think of a better way to photograph a maternity session than with some adorable baby animals!  When Missy asked me if I’d be up for a gorgeous southern styled session with twin baby goats, I did a spin in my chair.

This is actually one of my first maternity sessions ever, and I’m so excited to add Maternity Sessions to photo shoots I specialize in and love celebrating, and would love to talk to you or someone you know about theirs!

What a perfect session to bring in March and the beginning of Spring and the Easter season.

Model- Missy Red Sonja

Makeup- Taz Bayley Professional Makeup Artist

Michelle_Goats-1 Michelle_Goats-8 Michelle_Goats-5 Michelle_Goats-6 Michelle_Goats-36 Michelle_Goats-28 Michelle_Goats-17 Michelle_Goats-25 Michelle_Goats-42 Michelle_Goats-50 Michelle_Goats-10 Michelle_Goats-30 Michelle_Goats-13 Michelle_Goats-56 Michelle_Goats-60 Michelle_Goats-61 Michelle_Goats-63 Michelle_Goats-71 Michelle_Goats-70 Michelle_Goats-79 Michelle_Goats-66 Michelle_Goats-77 Michelle_Goats-73

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